Lightning is exciting and frightful at the same time. Of course we all know that, but here are some facts about nature's flashy display that are sure to stun!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ball Lightning

A dramatic report of ball lightning comes from a housewife in the Midlands area of England on August 8, 1975. She was in her kitchen in Smethwick during a very strong thunderstorm. A sphere of light about ten centimeters in diameter and surrounded by a bright purple halo appeared over the stove.


The witness is quoted in saying "The ball seemed to hit me below the belt, as it were, and I automatically brushed it away from me and it disappeared. Where I brushed it away there appeared a redness and swelling on my left hand. It seemed as if my gold wedding ring was burned into my finger" and also reported that it vanished with a bang!"


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